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SSVMS has compiled the following articles, studies and videos discussing physician burnout, stress, depression and general wellness.

Physician Well-being: Cases and Solutions

Fictional, but thorough and realistic, case studies are at the heart of Physician Well-Being. One per chapter, they allow readers to get inside the minds of physicians and understand their lives and stressors, from long hours and staff shortages to onerous administrative demands.

Peter Yellowlees, MBBS, M.D.

Physician Suicide: Cases & Commentaries

Examines the multiple risk factors that account for the higher rates of burnout, depressive symptoms, and suicide risk physicians experience compared with the general population.

Peter Yellowlees, MBBS, M.D.

Gratitude Works!

 A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity

Robert Emmons, PhD 

How to be a Rock Star Doctor

The Complete Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life and Profession 

Rebekah Bernard, MD 

The White Coat Investor 

A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing

James M. Dahle, MD


How Burned Out Doctors Can Thrive in a Broken Medical System

Jimmy Turner, MD

The Happiness Advantage

The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work 

Shawn Achor

Beneath the White Coat

Doctors, Their Minds and Mental Health

Clare Gerada

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Featured Videos & Webinars

The Science of a Meaningful Life
The Greater Good Gratitude Summit
Robert Emmons, PhD

Hippies (A Meditation on Alternative Medicine)
ZDogg MD

How to Meditate in a Moment
One Moment Meditation
Martin Boroson

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