Medical Student Wellness Library

SSVMS has compiled the following articles, podcats and videos discussing student burnout, stress, depression and general wellness.

Crisis Information

If you are in need of urgent assistance, call 911.

Additional Resources Include:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
24/7 Phone Line: 1-800-273-8255, This is a free and confidential line.

UC Davis School of Medicine Suicide Ideation & Crisis Information
24/7 Phone Line: (530) 752-2349, You may call anonymously.

Resiliency Consults for Medical Students

With medical school comes extreme stress and a heavy workload. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try scheduling a Resiliency Consult with a licensed and vetted psychologist or life coach for a discounted rate. All participating providers are located in various locations in the Sacramento Region and are familiar with the stress and burden of medical school and the medical field. To view a list of providers visit the Vetted Providers page.

Arts and Humanities in Medical School: A Solution to Physician Burnout?
Jeff Lagassee
Healthcare Finance

How to Avoid Burnout | Med School Tour
Jenny Le, VLOG Series

How Med Students Avoid Burnout
Troy Parks
AMA Wire

Here's How Poetry Saved my Life in Medical School
Tolu Kehinde

Preventing Burnout
Laurie Pearlman

For additional Burnout resources please visit our Joy of Medicine Physician Wellness Library.

School Tips
An Open Letter to My Little Sister in Medical School
Romila Mushtaq, MD
Huffington Post

Dr. Quinn Capers, IV discusses his path #BlackMenInMedicine, and the present landscape of medical education
Anwar Dunbar

How to get through Medical School
Vlog Series by Sanjae Spencer

How to Survive Medical School Without Becoming a Patient
Anthony Youn, MD

Humanism Increasingly Important in a Changing Health Care Landscape
Richard Lev, MD

Tales from the Clinic: From Theory to Practice
The Short Coat Podcast (By Medical Students, For medical Learners of All Kinds)
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Time Management Hacks
Brendan Murphy, Staff Writer
AMA Wire

Mentors in Research: Making All the Difference in Your Academic Career
Drs Nana-Sinkham & Abbate
Division of General Internal Medicine Podcast

If you're interested in connecting with a mentor, email Mei Lin Jackson at with a list of interested specialties.