Psychiatric Assistance

Psychiatric Self-Referral

Joy of Medicine has partnered with UC Davis Health’s Department of Psychiatry to provide direct access for physicians in need of a psychiatric evaluation, referral, or medication management.  Through this partnership, any physician practicing in the Sacramento region may self-refer to U.C. Davis Department of Psychiatry to be seen immediately by an attending psychiatrist experienced in working with the unique needs of physicians.

Psychiatric Assessment services are available to all community physicians and are not limited to UC Davis affiliated physicians.  Physicians accessing the program will be responsible for payment of these services, either through self-pay or through accepted insurance.

If you are having a psychiatric emergency, call 911. To access psychiatric services, call UC Davis Department of Psychiatry Practice Manager, Angel Hanson, at (916) 734-3917. Identify yourself as a physician accessing the Joy of Medicine Program.

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24-Hour Colleague Help Line

If you are in need of urgent assistance, call CMA’s 24-hour Physicians’ and Dentists’ Confidential Assistance Line: (650) 756-7787.

This 24-hour phone service provides completely confidential doctor-to-doctor assistance and will not result in any form of disciplinary action or referral to a disciplinary body. Learn more here.