Physician Burnout Research

NEW – Joy of Medicine: Physician Wellness and Workforce

Conducted in the Fall of 2022, this is the third regionwide physician burnout survey and whitepaper.

2020 – Joy of Medicine: A Regional Approach to Improving Physician Wellbeing

This 2021 study follows up a survey conducted in 2018 and sets forth several recommendations for medical groups, health systems and physician practices to implement so that our region can continue to enhance physician wellbeing.

2018 – Joy of Medicine: Assessing Physician Well-Being in the Sacramento Region
A report prepared by the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society. Learn more about the 2018 physician wellbeing survey and the recommendations made to regional medical groups.

The Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Burnout in a Regional Sample of Physicians

Little research has occurred in physicians on the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their potential correlation with burnout. Conducted in 2018, this study found a link between ACEs scores and physician burnout in the Sacramento Region.