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SSVMS has compiled the following articles, studies and videos discussing physician burnout, stress, depression and general wellness.

Featured Books & Recommended Reading

Physician Well-Being

Cases and Solutions

Peter Yellowlees, MBBS, M.D.

Fictional, but thorough and realistic, case studies are at the heart of Physician Well-Being. One per chapter, they allow readers to get inside the minds of physicians and understand their lives and stressors, from long hours and staff shortages to onerous administrative demands.

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A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity
Robert Emmons, PhD

How to be a Rock Star Doctor
The Complete Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life and Profession
Rebekah Bernard, MD

The White Coat Investor
A Doctor's Guide to Personal
Finance and Investing
James M. Dahle, MD

Featured Videos & Webinars

The Science of a Meaningful Life
The Greater Good
Gratitude Summit
Robert Emmons, Ph.D

Hippies (A Meditation on Alternative Medicine)
ZDogg MD

How to Meditate in a Moment
One Moment Meditation
Martin Boroson

Featured Podcasts

How to Achieve Success while Staying Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit
Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD

The Doctor Paradox, Rediscovering Passion in Healthcare
Dr. Paddy Barrett

The Three Main Reasons for Physician Burnout and Why You Should Care
2 Docs Talk Medicine

Well MD
Stanford Medicine

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine
University of Massachusetts
Medical School

The Happy MD
Dike Drummond, MD

Featured Websites

Care-Centered Clinical Documentation in the Digital Environment: Solutions to Alleviate Burnout

A Journey to Construct an All-Encompassing Conceptual Model of Factors Affecting Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

Mindful EM: Practicing Kindness is the Best Medicine

Featured Medical Student Wellness Resources

How Med Students Avoid Burnout
AMA Wire
Troy Parks

How to Survive Medical School Without Becoming a Patient
Student Doctor Network
Anthony Youn, MD

One Medical Student’s Mission to Erase the Stigma of Depression
Michigan University Health Lab
Kevin Joy