Lightning Grand Rounds at the 2019 Annual Summit

Physicians and Medical Students will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, projects, and ideas that support physician well-being at the Annual Joy of Medicine Summit. Find out how to submit a presentation below.

Lightning Grand Rounds

A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference by a multitude of speakers. The goal of lightning talks is to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful, and clear manner. These concise and efficient talks are intended to grab the attention of the audience, convey key information, and allow for several presenters to share their ideas in a brief period of time. Presentations may be in a narrative format as well.

Presentation Objectives and Guidelines
What Does Joy in Medicine Feel, Look and/or Sound Like to You?

Your answer to the question should fall within one or more of the following categories:


  • What inspired you to go to medical school to become a physician?
  • How do you connect with your patients?


  • How does your healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep) help you foster mental well-being?
  • How do you seek out and accept help from others?
  • What techniques or practices do you use to facilitate work/life balance?

The Future of Practicing Medicine

  • What does Joy of Medicine look like?
  • Describe your vision for the future of medicine.

Professional Fulfillment 

  • What does your practice/organization do to foster physician well-being?
  • What do you think practices/organizations should do to foster physician well-being?
  • Is work/life balance possible?


  • Share one great idea —Tell a story, motivate, and inspire.
  • Make it quick —Presentations must be five minutes or less.
  • Be creative —You can use slides or videos to present your talk.
  • Avoid sales pitches —Refrain from advertising products and services.
  • Hurry and sign up! —There are only 6 slots, so submit your presentation soon!
  • Have fun! —This is your chance to share your passion for physician well-being.
  • Must be a practicing physician, resident or medical student to participate

Submission Procedure

Lightning Grand Rounds submissions will be considered for in-person presentation at the Joy of Medicine Summit on September 28, 2019 and for inclusion on and/or in the Medical Society’s publication SSV Medicine.

Email your Lightning Grand Rounds proposal to Lindsay at by August 16, 2019 and include the following:

  • Your full name, title, organization (if applicable), email address, and phone number.
  • Your final Lightning Grand Rounds PowerPoint slides, or video.
  • A brief description of your talk (500 characters or less).
  • A short bio (not a CV…let us know who you really are)

For any questions, please contact:

Lindsay Coate, Director of Programs
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society
916-452-2671 or