Interest Groups


Connect with Your Peers

SSVMS' Joy of Medicine Program provides opportunities for physicians to connect with their colleagues. Are you interested in hiking, reading, traveling or cooking? There are other physicians in the area with similar interests! Sign up for a Joy of Medicine special interest group to communicate with like-minded peers. Only colleagues will use the listservs to email about activities such as a hike, a run by the America River, a monthly book club, or other activities. If your hobby or interest is not listed below, email Lindsay at to start a new group.

Joy Cycling Group

If you enjoy bicycling in the Sacramento Region, the Joy Cycling Group is for you. Join the group to share your favorite bike shop, equipment or riding path. Or use the listserv to arrange for a meet up with colleagues to explore new areas or test your cycling skills.

Joy Cooking Group

The Joy Cooking Group is a place for physicians who are passionate about cooking. Whether you enjoy slow cooking, instant pots, seasonal foods, ethnic foods, or barbecue, this is the place for you! Post your favorite recipes for busy week nights or dinner parties, or arrange for a cooking meetup. Meetups might include potlucks, cooking classes, farm visits, wine tastings and more.

Joy Hiking Group

Explore Northern California trails and connect with colleagues in the Sacramento Region. The Joy Hiking Group is the place for outdoor lovers who wants to take time from their busy lives to connect with nature, experience wildlife and meet fellow physicians. Email the group your favorite trails or arrange for a hiking meetup!

Joy Moms Group

Physician moms have a unique perspective due to juggling busy careers and family needs. Join the Joy Moms Group to share interesting and funny stories, or meet up with fellow parents who practice medicine in the Sacramento Region.

Joy Running Group

There are many fantastic marathons, half marathons, 10/5ks and beautiful running trails in the Sacramento Region. Physicians who are enthusiastic about running are encouraged to join the Joy Running Group to share their passion with fellow physicians. Post about your favorite trails, marathon fundraiser teams and more.

Joy Travel Group

Physicians who enjoy traveling should join the Joy Travel Group. Share your adventures and experiences, discuss the most interesting places in the world and offer first-hand recommendations on new exotic destinations.