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Resiliency Consultations

With the increasing stress and pressure physicians are facing, SSVMS is committed to providing all physicians access to competent, convenient and cost-free professional counseling. SSVMS will sponsor up to six (6) wellness sessions with vetted psychologists and/or life coaches for physicians that practice in Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo, and/or Placer Counties.

To schedule an appointment, contact a Vetted Provider directly, and let them know that you are a physician accessing the SSVMS Joy of Medicine Program. 

**Any late cancellations or missed appointments are the financial responsibility of the physician.


Joy of Medicine Psychologists are well versed in the needs of physicians. They are contracted and licensed providers, not employees of the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society. 

Daniel Rockers, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(916) 273-1740

520 Capitol Mall, Suite 630
Sacramento, California 95814

Learn more about Dr. Rockers here.

Patricia L. Bach, PsyD, RN

Licensed Clinical and Consulting Psychologist
(916) 662-0767

Mammoth Professional Building
300 Harding Blvd, Suite 203K
Roseville, CA 95650

Learn more about Dr. Bach here.

Katherine Kilgore, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
(916) 458-5505

13405 Folsom Blvd, Suite 220
Folsom, CA 95630

Learn more about Dr. Kilgore here.

Amy Ahlfeld, PsyD

Licensed Clinical & Consulting Psychologist
(916) 799-3866

2530 J Street, Suite 310
Sacramento, California 95816

Learn more about Dr. Ahlfeld here.

Lori Roberto, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
(916) 206-1741

601 University Ave. Suite 222
Sacramento, California 95825

Learn more about Dr. Roberto here.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(916) 800-3560 


Dr. Tumber-Bhela Private Practice
Virtual/Telehealth – California

Learn more about Dr. Tumber-Bhela here.

Life Coaches

Joy of Medicine Life Coaches are experienced in working with the unique needs of physicians. They are contracted independent consultants, not employees of the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society. Please note that life coaches are not licensed therapists.

Angela Trapp, MSW

Life Coach
(305) 962-1963
Angela will travel to the physician.

Learn more about Angela Trapp here.

Steven Seay

Leadership Coach
(916) 715-9252
Steven will travel to the physician.

Learn more about Steve here.


“I found the therapist to be experienced with the concerns of a professional. She has provided me with a lot of strategies to facilitate bouncing back from the stressors of work and life. I LOVE it!  It is contributing to a refreshed attitude toward my career!”

–  Sacramento Area Emergency Medicine Physician

Medical Students

Medical Students may schedule a Resiliency Consult with a vetted provider for a discounted rate.  To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact a provider who offers sessions for medical students directly. Identify yourself as a medical student in the Sacramento Region who participates in the Joy of Medicine program.